The Society of Indian Neuroscience Nurses (SINN) is the first professional organisation for specialised Indian neuronurses dedicated to the development and promotion of neuroscience nursing in India.

• To promote high standard of care in Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing in Indian settings.
• To exchange views and disseminate knowledge and practice in the field of neuroscience nursing across India.
• To facilitate interaction among neuronurses within and outside India.
• To promote and encourage research in Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing.

• Conducts annual scientific conference for neuronurses, along with the annual meeting of Neurological Society of India (NSI).
• Oration will be organized during annual conference.
• Awards to best scientific paper, model, poster, Neuroquiz, Essay and Elocution.
• Dr. A.D. Sehgal’s Oration award.

Election Notice

Dear SINN Life members,

The 38th annual national conference of the Society of India Neuroscience Nurses (SINNCON 2017) is going to be held at The Centre Point, Nagpur, along with the 66th annual national conference of Neurological Society of India (NSICON 2017) from 30th November to 3rd December 2017. The organisers of the conference will send detailed programme of SINNCON 2017, very shortly. The details of the conference will be updated in as well as . Since the elections of the Society are also due in 2017, we are planning to hold these elections during the General Body Meeting (GBM) to be held preferably on December 2nd afternoon. Therefore we would request you to be present for the GBM in large numbers.

The information document as indicated below is enclosed in connection with forthcoming election.

  1. Nomination sheet along with rules and regulations and election procedure
  2. List of posts for election

With regards

Yours sincerely

Ms. Rebecca


Nominations are invited for the following posts.

President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Program Coordinator

___________________________________________________________________________SINN ELECTIONS 2017, at Nagpur

Instructions to the Voters/ Nominators

  1. Last date of receiving nomination is October 31st 2017.
  2. Only Life members can contest for any post. Names may be nominated by another SINN life member.
  3. For the Post of Secretary / Treasurer, a contestant should have been a Life Member of the society for a continuous period of three years.
  4. For the post of President / Vice President, a contestant should have been a Life Member of the society for a continuous period of five years.
  5. No members of the Executive Committee can take charge of office of any other post of the society without completing the term of existing post.
  6. No member is eligible to contest for more than one post in the same election.
  7. All SINN life members present for the GBM will be eligible to vote at the time of election.
  8. The Executive Committee shall have the right to change the logistics of the Election process in the face of exigencies or introduce Bye-laws for other modes of voting like electronic voting as and when required.
  9. Nominee who has consented to contest a post should be physically present at the time of election.
  10. Elections shall be held by secret ballot during the GBM.
  11. Completed nomination sheet should be sent to ‘The Returning Officer,

Ms. Laisa Kumar, , SCTIMST, Medical College PO., Thiruvananthapuram 695011, by registered post with AD card.

  1. Nomination sheet can be downloaded from the SINN website,

Please mark the envelope ‘Nomination SINN executive committee elections 2017’

Election Procedure:

For seeking election of any executive posts, following procedure will be followed.

  1. To send circular/e-mails to all the active life members, before September 30th.
  2. Nominations to be received by Returning Officer at least before October 31st.
  3. The Returning officer should formulate a nomination committee, who is responsible for opening the nominations within a week.
  4. The Returning officer will scrutinise the nominations and inform the candidates about the validity of the membership.
  5. The Returning officer will declare the list of nominations received and eligible candidates for election and the withdrawals etc.
  6. Fix the date of withdrawal of nominations.
  7. Inform the candidates about the date of election, and the date and time of counting of votes.
  8. Send the final list of nominated candidates.
  9. Ballot paper to be kept ready by the SINN office
  10. Ballot boxes will be prepared by the host of the conference.
  11. Arrange to provide the ballot paper to eligible candidates during the annual GBM.
  12. Conduct the election as per procedure.
  13. Count the votes in the presence of the candidates.
  14. Declare the results.
  15. Intimate the results to candidates during the GBM.
  16. Election should be held during the annual GBM using ballot papers which should be issued to the life members present during the meeting.
  17. NB: Any member, who has any complaints regarding the election, shall give the same in writing addressed to the election returning officer within 21 days of declaration of results. A committee nominated by the executive committee shall go into the complaints and the decision of the committee shall be final.  This is available in the website of SINN.

Click here to Download Election Notice & Nomination Sheet