The Society of Indian Neuroscience Nurses (SINN) is the first professional organisation for specialised Indian neuronurses dedicated to the development and promotion of neuroscience nursing in India.

• To promote high standard of care in Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing in Indian settings.
• To exchange views and disseminate knowledge and practice in the field of neuroscience nursing across India.
• To facilitate interaction among neuronurses within and outside India.
• To promote and encourage research in Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing.

• Conducts annual scientific conference for neuronurses, along with the annual meeting of Neurological Society of India (NSI).
• Oration will be organized during annual conference.
• Awards to best scientific paper, model, poster, Neuroquiz, Essay and Elocution.
• Dr. A.D. Sehgal’s Oration award.

39TH Annual conference of Society  of Indian Neuroscience Nursing  (SINNCON 2018) along with  67TH Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India, 13-16 Dec 2018 @ Jaipur

Message  By  Dr. Angela Gnanadurai,

President  Society  of Indian Neuroscience Nursing,

Principal,  Jubilee Mission College of Nursing,  Thrissur, Kerala.

Invitation to SINNCON 2018:  Technique , Technology, & Philosophy:

You as the distinguished delegates are invited to an academic extravaganza to ponder cerebrate, deliberate and celebrate SINNCON 2018:  Technique , Technology, & Philosophy in Neuroscience Nursing

On behalf of Society of Indian Neuroscience Nurses, We welcome you all to our 39th Annual conference of SINN, TO THE “ Pink City “ of Jaipur. An extensive educational  sessions have been planned  to satisfy your academic and practical appetite.

 Come and savour existing delicacies and evolve some new neuroscience nursing tips for better and specific nursing care for our neurology and neurosurgical patients who are very close to our hearts.

 Looking forward meeting you in Jaipur !

Dr. Angela Gnanadurai

President SINN